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We just recently launched a new design for our Twitter Page, and we want your feedback so please feel free to post a reply to this post with your input!  Since we love to keep our customers informed of new information and deals on AccessoryDepot.net, our new Twitter page will serve as the official liaison between our customers and Accessory Depot.

Please feel free to become a follower of us on Twitter or even Tweet us!  Either way, we are always working to ensure the best possible communication and service.


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Selling thousands of Otterbox Defender cases a year, one of the big complaints we receive from our customers about the Otterbox Defender case it the oily residue, or bubble spots that appears in between the iPhone screen and the clear, thin membrane on the case (the screen protector).  So in response to those complaints, we felt it was necessary to publish a post, giving you various solutions in order to remove the oily residue from your screen and even prevent it from returning.

Solution #1:

Before you put your iPhone in the case, rub your palm across the screen.  It’s the natural oils of the skin that keep the plastic from sticking to the screen of the iPhone. You want your hands to be clean but you don’t want to wash your hands just before doing it. You can also try wiping it along your cheek to pick up the oils from your face.

Solution #2:

You can purchase an “Anti-Glare Film” kit at your local electronics store (we actually purchased ours from the Apple Store). It’s static cling film that protects your iPhone screen from scratches, dust, and dirt. It resists smudges and fingerprints, too.  The film would go under the protective thin membrane layer on the Otterbox Defender case, and it would prevent the smudge/oily residue.  The only downside to this solution is that it will cost you around $15.

Solution #3:

The best solution we found is the baby-power solution.  You can see the complete video demonstration below.  From speaking with a lot of customers regarding this issue, the baby powder solution seems to to be the most effective.

Video Courtesy of Youtube user: itsmemorphious

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